it's on us - 2.0

Update on the project from my last post! After much struggling with my limited knowledge of Python, and much, much help from my brother and the good people at the IAA, I have finally gotten a Python program that scrapes the latest It’s On Us pledge list, compares the first names to the gender lists, and spits out a statement of calculations, like so (numbers current as of 8:30pm tonight):

Of 2143 current pledgers, 38.36 percent are male, 59.4 percent are female, and 2.24 percent are unclear.

You can see my code on Github, and get the gender lists from Carnegie Mellon.

Because I apparently can’t be finished with this, I’m hoping to have the code run automatically and record the results, or provide a link here that would run the calculation and give you an answer… but that would be a long way off.