BLBD 36: Fat Bear Week

Mike and Tammy discuss ethical issues in urban planning and analytics, as well as a primer on neural networks.

Also relevant:

- "You Look Like a Thing And I Love You" by Janelle Shane:

- 24/7 neural network-generated death metal:

- Fat Bear Week (Oct 2-8):

BLBD 35: 44% Better (w/Daniel Beck)

Mike and Tammy talk with Daniel Beck about his work with DMARC's food network data and reporting.

To donate or volunteer, visit or call 515-277-6969.

BLBD 34: Grover runs for his life (w/Nathan Armstrong)

Mike and Tammy chat with Mike's brother, Nate, about his work as the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at Chicago's PBS station, WTTW. Also, impressions and some dubious family revelations.

Stuff to know:



Center Grove Orchard:

BLBD 32: No One Twerks Like Gaston

Mike and Tammy discuss the urban planning and analytics developments of theme parks - mostly Disney.

Boke Bowl restaurant in Portland, OR:

No One Twerks Like Gaston lyrics:

BLBD 28: +1 to Happiness

This week is all about the Women's World Cup! Join us as we discuss the game theory of penalty kicks, the impacts of hosting a major competition, and the gender pay gap in the US Soccer Federation.

Check out this NYT article for more data on the pay gap:

BLBD 26: A Bicycle Built for Two Scoops

It's Bike Month! And we're celebrating by sharing stories: our own good and bad times on bicycles, and stories from our listeners, as well.

Thanks to twitter users @jscholbrock, @csaxon128, @Sean_McBeth, @frolferguy420, and @Nathan_haunts for sharing your stories!

Mentioned on the show:

Bike Month events in Des Moines:

BFF Bikes -

The Quick and the Rest -

BLBD 25: FARgate (w/Rachel Lunsford)

Mike and Tammy talk with Rachel Lunsford, vendor manager for the State of Iowa, about RFPs, negotiating contracts, and how governments interact with vendors to get things done.

BLBD 23: Muggle Struggles

Mike and Tammy each build a consulting firm composed of four characters from the Harry Potter series. And have serious questions about magical labor laws.

BLBD 21: Murder Castle

BLBD 20: (s)NO(w)

We had a ton of fun recording this episode about our current least-favorite topic. Unfortunately, our sound equipment did not have a great time, and this episode is a little rough around the edges. We’ll do better next time!

In the meantime, please still enjoy this episode about some of the many planning implications of snow, and what we can learn about statistical uncertainty from weather forecasts!

BLBD 19: Terms of Endearment

Mike and Tammy each pick two terms from their respective industries' jargon and define them: big data, smart cities, machine learning, and equity.

BLBD 18: (LIVE) BLBD on the Hill

Enjoy a recording of our first-ever live show on Friday January 25 at the Iowa Commission of Latino Affairs’ 2nd Annual Latino Day on the Hill.

BLBD 17: Dónde Está la Biblioteca? (w/Marlu Abarca)

Mike and Tammy chat with Marlu Abarca about her work with bilingual programming at the Des Moines Public Library.

DMPL Annual Report:

DMPL/Evelyn K Davis Digital Literacy Class:

Latinos in Iowa 2018 report:

Latino Day on the Hill LIVE SHOW: