fun with tableau

The following is an image I created in Tableau for our Marketing & Customer Analytics homework. We identified three clusters for a marketing campaign. We had too may variables to come up with a nice scatterplot, so I opted for profiling the clusters through the means for each variable. I was pretty happy with how clean it looked, although I did debase myself somewhat by adding a pie chart.

mini update

Thanks to Dr. Healey and the CS department at NCSU, I now have a crontab that auto-executes a Python program once every hour, which in turn updates this webpage. I can only work on it from school so the progress is slow, but at the moment it will print a statement about the most recent stats on the It’s On Us pledges.

The code is also storing the values in a CSV file to be later parsed by d3 and fed into some visualizations. More updates to follow - hopefully people continue to sign this pledge so I can have more than just a constant value to visualize!