my favorite thing of the day

I thought that my Windows 8 search slowness was just a fact of life I dreaded pressing the windows key and searching for a program - I’d see blank results for a few seconds, then the program I wanted appeared in the list only to be replaced by something a second search term turned up just before I clicked. Then I saw someone else perform a lightning-fast search on their own machine.

How could this be? I have a pretty powerful laptop, I try to take good care of it, and I occasionally eat my vegetables. 

So after about three seconds of Googling, I found this wonderful, easy-to-follow guide for curing my searching woes. Apparently the start menu wasn’t properly indexed, and it’s super-easy to fix. 

I’m gonna start searching for things even if I already know where they are. I’m just that excited.

</poor excuse for a blog post>